About Us

PT. Bunga Daru is a company specialized in Land transport Services.

Our services include trucking and forklift rental for inside and outside of the city and island. We are determined to be the best and the most reliable in our field of expertise. With full-dedication, we will earn your trust. This is our motivational motto.

Since the establishment, our company proves to perform every task professionally and it is our pleasure to assist you directly in what you really need. Our experts guarantee you with satisfying result to meet your requirements. Today, PT. Bunga Daru has many customers with the coverage area including Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok.


We are established in 1982. In the beginning, we only have a few number of trucks with limited delivery area only around Surabaya.

In 1987, we began our work with PT. ISPAT INDO for concrete iron delivery and due to our great work and determination, PT. ISPAT INDO entrusted us with their operational process by providing them with forklift services.

In 1990, in order to further optimize our business, we developed a variant in our field of expertise, that is Forklift Rent Service. We have cooperated with steel industries such as PT. ISPAT INDO, PT. BETON JAYA MANUNGGAL and many more other well known contractors in providing this service.

In 1993, the Company was officialy named PT. Bunga Daru and resides in Kedungturi, Taman - Sidoarjo until today.

Then, to further optimize our productivity, PT. Bunga Daru begins to multiply the number of truck units. We managed to partner with emerging company such as PT. ISPAT INDO, other factories and contractors to help them with their transportation needs.

We continuously expand our capacity and expertise as we continue to serve many customers in many areas covering Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok.

Why Us?

  • Our service quality comes first to serve you.
  • Our competitive price offers cost efficiency for the best service.
  • We are dedicated to be professional in delivering the service by giving big concerns to:
    1. Quick and easy order procedure
    2. On time delivery
    3. Highly responsible for the cargo
    4. Safe arrival to the destined area
  • We shape high integrity of well trained professional human resources.
  • Perform regular maintenance and renew the units periodically.

Our Vision

  • Emphasizing quality service at competitive prices.
  • Becoming the leading equipment rental industry with continuous strive across East Java.
  • Establish professional Human Resources with honesty and integrity

Our Mission

  • Attempt to provide the best service for customers
    1. Simplicity in ordering procedures
    2. Timeliness of delivery
    3. Product safety
  • Storage care by
    1. Performing regular maintenance
    2. An additional units every 2 years
  • Applying regeneration system and training to establish professional human resources with high integrity and honesty